A new reality in the world of services: SHIELD Srl.

Comprehensive range of services for businesses, individuals, government offices, professional offices, show rooms, malls and condominiums, with one goal: total customer satisfaction through personalized service and quality. We want to contribute through our services to enhance your image

Efficiency, productivity and motivation are primary goals for every company and certainly work in a clean and tidy makes it easier to achieve them, with the services of Shield Srl the goal is nearer.

The staff responsible for the activity meets the requirements of morality, fairness, discretion, and education and has many years of specific experience in the field.

Shield Srl therefore is able to meet the diverse needs of individual customers with responsiveness, speed and certainty of outcome.

The uniform, the badge and personal care are characteristic elements for the purpose of mutual protection in terms of corporate image.

Staff training is constant through specific technical training courses on:
  • the appropriate use of products used
  • correct operational methodology
  • proper use of equipment used
the total guarantees flawless execution of the service required, even in terms of safety.

Our staff works constantly assisted by the heads Shield Srl and that in order to verify the correct and optimal performance of the services required.

Our staff works constantly assisted by the heads Shield Srl and that in order to verify the correct and optimal performance of the services required.

Of absolute importance is the close collaboration Shield Srl has established with the technical staff of the largest chemical companies in the industry. This allows us to solve any problem quickly and effectively, without risk of improper and possibly take action detrimental to the client, both in money and image.

Safety in the workplace is guaranteed by the correct application of the rules in this regard are binding on the operational aspects provided by TU Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments.

Shield Srl is sensitive to the needs for environmental protection and the aim is increasing, where possible, the use of natural products, particularly with regard to the processes involved in the activities of sanitation and personal hygiene. All products used are supplied by leading companies and accompanied by technical details as provided by law.

The technical equipment used by Shield Srl, in the conduct of its business, comply with the legislation in force in terms of safety and are constantly maintained by qualified personnel.

This is only part of the services that Shield Srl is able to offer. The creation of a 360-degree partnership with its customers, strong and durable, is the primary objective of Shield Ltd.

Estimates prepared by Shield Srl are customized, non-standard and that as drafted according to specific customer requirements.

Follow the customer with care and professionalism is our "Mission", its success is our success.

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